was created by friends who share a love for




. When we hear about a storm heading for one our favorite trails, it's like Christmas morning to us. The anticipation and excitement just stokes us even though we're not heading up to the hill that weekend.

That's why we've created a destination where your

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and posted comments are made available for you and your friends right there on the trail where it all happened. A place where you can meet up and talk about past trips and plan new ones; connect with old friends or meet new ones; share tips and tricks, and get the inside line on the hookups.

Forget about daydreaming at your day job, relive that rock jump into a chute filled with thigh deep powder or whoopin it up in the cabin playing "president" with your crew. bottles up all your good times and lets you live and re-live them everyday.

So come on in. Check out your favorite shredding locale... your pals are probably already there waiting for you. It's about your mountain, your trails, your friends, your experiences. All the time.

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